Arizona Christian University visits the Heat

The Tucson Heat was pleased to host Arizona Christian University Asst Coach Trey Clarkson as he scouted some of our current upperclassmen.   Coach Anthony Merritt put the players through a very tough workout for Coach Clarkson displaying how Heat basketball can prepare players for the next level.   Players Danny Gonzales (SR), Marquis Holmes (SR), Edgar Condes (JR), and Matt Bell (JR) attended the workout and all had a very good showing.    Each of these players has worked hard not only with their schools, but with our Heat coaches to put them into a position to succeed.

We hope to add each of these players to our growing list of alumni who have gone on to successful college careers.

HEAT player brings in college scholarship

Tucson HEATCongratulations to Tucson HEAT High School boys basketball player Kevin O’Brien. He is the latest HEAT player to receive a college scholarship! (Pima Community College)

The Tucson HEAT is committed to assisting the efforts of parents and teachers to help mold these young players into leaders who will make a positive contribution to our community.

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