3rd and 4th Grade

Practice schedule is subject to change. Please keep in contact with your coach. Last updated 5/31/2014.

Thursday 6:00-7:30pm at Tucson Basketball Academy

Sunday 4-6pm  at Tucson Basketball Academy

July 18-20 – Summer Slam at Sporting Chance in Tucson

June – August – YMCA League / Rec

3rd & 4th Grade Boys Roster  
Grade Yr Player Name
4th Andriaan Vanravenswaay
4th Conner Smith
4th Diego Aghasharif
4th DJ Wells
4th Grant Senese
4th Ian Waugaman
3rd Jacob Flores
4th Jordan Persellin
3rd Kenyon Kenny
4th Luke Pyle
4th Marco Mendivil
4th Mathew Urbanski
4th Nick Standridge
3rd Nick Urbanski
4th Ryan Valdez
4th Sam Yonan
4th Trevor Garcia
3rd Zack Gavin

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